Georges Seurat is among the most well known Post-impressionist artists. He is famous for inventing techniques of painting such as pointillism and chromoluminarism. One of his most famous works is the Beach at Bas Butin, Honfleur. The Beach at Bas Butin, Honfleur artwork depicts a white sand beach next to a high mass of land. The highland seems to have some green vegetation. The artist painted clear skies on a sunny day. The beach water is green in color. The waves on the water are mild, meaning there is a gentle breeze on the land. The beach does not appear to have any people along it. However, the ocean seems to have two boats with white sails close together. There appears to be a ship on the ocean, several meters from the two sailboats. The painting appears to invoke the soothing atmosphere of a sea breeze along the beach on a warm sunny day. Georges Seurat created the painting in 1886 in France. The painting is currently 134 years old thanks to its good maintenance and preservation today, in Musee des Beaux in the Tournai –Art art supply store along Rue de Courtrai, in Tournai Belgium. The post impressionist artist used pointillism to design the intriguing painting. He applied minute distinct colorful dots in patterns to come up with the images. Clearly, Georges Seurat had an impeccable ability to blend the colorful dots into a more complete set of tones by coordinating the movements of his eyes with his mind. Georges focused on a unique method of applying the strokes of his brush in the painting. In the painting, Georges aims to compel the mind and eyes of the viewer into merging and blending colors on a chromatic range, influencing them to step back and view the emergence of the artwork as a whole painting. In those old days of the 19th century, to create such a remarkable painting, Georges Seurat may have had to practice a lot of patience and caution in applying raw color directly to the canvas. Blending the colorful tones and pigments on the canvas surface in round or square touches of his paintbrush, Georges must have had the complete vision of the beach in his mind, as he worked to bring the vision to life. The Beach at Bas Butin artwork is brilliant because some areas on the canvas appear untouched, allowing the raw pigments of color to retain their natural glow bringing out the cool beach atmosphere depicted in the painting.